RTI regulations and forms to be finalized in two weeks

Public Authorities will receive gazette notification regarding regulations on RTI, the RTI application forms, and RTI appeal forms within the next two weeks, says Mr. B.K.S. Ravindra, Additional Secretary to the Minister for Mass Media. The Ministry for Mass Media is currently working with the RTI commission to finalize the format of applications and the regulations. Once this is complete, the Ministry for Mass Media will inform the public authorities on how to process RTI applications. Public Authorities will also be requested to display information in public view regarding the forms for RTI application, regulations, and the process of fulfilling RTI.

The Ministry has already published the first gazette notification regarding the categories of public authorities liable to process RTI application. RTI application forms will be made available at public authorities. However, citizens are still able to draft their own applications in a simple letter format. They may also make a verbal request to the Information Officer if they are unable to write, as specified under section 24(1) of the Act.

Mr. Ravindra confirms that all this will be completed in time for the 3rd February deadline.

For templates of RTI applications as used in India, please see the links below:


(1) RTI Application format in English: sample. RTI ACT 2005


(2) RTI application format. RTI activists, India