Right to Information – What you need to know

 What is Right to Information?

A right of any citizen of Sri Lanka to access any recorded information from any public authority


What are public authorities?

Any government body or and private institution that is providing a public service


  • Municipal Councils
  • Government-funded education institutions such as universities or schools
  • Ministries and departments
  • Private Companies who have won government tenders
  • State-owned corporations


What information can I get?

  • You can request anything (it does not have to have personal relevance)
  • Except for certain instances listed under Part II of the Act, such as information that could compromise national defense and concerns private medical records


How do I submit a request for information

  • Fill out the RTI request form from the relevant public authority OR compose a letter of your own (see an example below)
  • Pay the necessary fee
  • Submit to the Information Officer at the relevant public authority
  • You will receive a reply within 14 days


When can I start submitting requests?

From February 4th 2017


More questions?

For news visit www.rtiwire.com

For frequently asked questions www.rtiwatch.lk/faq/