Global RTI Rating Map:

How do countries exercise their RTI? And how do they perform in relation to each other? A global RTI rating is kept by two organisations working together, Access Info Europe, and Centre for Law and Democracy, Canada, through an online database:

Anyone can go to that site and view interesting information and rankings on various countries which have enacted RTI.

The site says: “Since the RTI Rating was first launched on Right to Know Day, 2011, CLD and AIE have continually updated it, adding new countries as new RTI laws were passed. The scoring tool has also been used to assess a variety of international and sub-national RTI frameworks. In the years since the Rating was unveiled, it has been widely cited among global press, and has become recognised as the gold standard for assessing the strength of an RTI framework.”

Below is a map to give you an idea of how countries have been performing:

Global Right to Information Rating Map

Country Rating Results

TOP 10
Mexico 136
Serbia 135
Slovenia 129
India 128
Albania 127
Croatia 126
Liberia 124
El Salvador 122
Sierra Leone 122
Sri Lanka 121
Austria 32
Liechtenstein 39
Philippines 46
Tajikistan 49
Iran 50
Jordan 53
Germany 54
Kazakhstan 57
Taiwan 58
Dominican Republic 59