Global RTI Rating: How Does Sri Lanka Fare?

On the Global RTI Rating, maintained at, Sri Lanka comes within the Top 10 with 121 points, for seven categories of 61 indicators: out of a total of 150 points. These points are for the legislation only.

The 61 indicators on which every country is, are categorised into: Right of Access, Scope, Requesting Procedures, Exceptions, Appeals, Sanctions and Promotional Measures.

Below is the diagram which shows Sri Lanka’s scores for each of these categories, taken from the RTI Ranking website.

(All country data and other country data, including information on methodology can be seen at the website)

Right of Access 6 5
Scope 30 27
Requesting procedures 30 22
Exceptions 30 23
Appeals 30 26
Sanctions 8 4
Promotional measures 16 14
TOTAL 150 121

Name of Law: Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016,
First adopted : 2016
Last modified : 04 August 2016
RTI Rating last updated : 28 September 2016