Centre for Investigative Journalism develops RTI manual and trains media personnel

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) recently conducted a training of Shan_Wijetungatrainers on the Right to Information in Colombo. CIJ has developed a manual on the Right to Information, stated Shan Wijetunga of Transparency International. Mr Wijetunga was amongst the RTI specialists brought in to create the manual and participate in trainings of trainers.

The manual contains information such as the salient features of the Act itself, history of RTI and an introduction to the general concept of RTI. It serves to build trainers’ skills on training the general public on the use of RTI and how to apply RTI in their day to day lives.

CIJ aims to share this manual with other civil society organisations, community-based organisations and media personnel, so that these stakeholder groups can organize corresponding ToTs with wider audiences.


Photo courtesy Lasantha de Silvanull